Tape Measure Review

One of the most popular, essential, and useful tool which can be easily used in various jobs is a tape measure. This works by employing similar “units of measurement” which can be seen in rulers. Most of the tape measures made lately are double sided; one side provides linear increment measurement, while the other provides metric increment measurement. In short, tape measure can function anywhere.

Extra Long Measuring Tape –Singer 96” Review

This 96” tape measure provided by Singer holds accurate printed measurement in both centimeters and inches.  This is made of flexible material which can be used on flat and curved surfaces. The metal at the end keeps it from fraying. This also provides small band that helps in holding and keeping it together. The numbers are clear and effortless to read. Compared to other tape measureavailable in the market, the ink used does not easily rub-off. There are instances that the metal tip can fell off but it can easily be attached again. Compared to 60” standard measuring tape, this is far more beneficial especially to those who have larger body or requires longer tape. The price is very reasonable too; aside from that, the tape does not break easily since this is made of durable and high quality materials. Singer 96-Inch Extra Long Tape Measure 

Stanley POWERLOCK Tape Rule Review

This is made with updated feature and classic design which adds to the performance and durability. This is 25 foot by 1 inch Tape Rule POWERLOCK is shatterproof on initial 6 feet. This comes with “BladeArmor Coating” for maximum resilience. This also provided with special Tru-Zero hook which doubles the duty as hinge for drawing arcs and circles. The POWERLOCK line provides perfect balance and serves as the best improvement in tool manufactures. The “BladeArmor” coating is an original industrial thermoplastic coating. This material is used to protect and strengthen aircraft parts like rotor blades. If you apply the “BladeArmor Coating” to the tape blades, this lessens both tape returns and tape breakage which enables to overpower the toughest testing ground. This Stanley POWERLOCK Tape is offered at reasonable price. 
Stanley 33-525 25-Foot-by-1-Inch PowerLock Tape Rule with Blade Armor 

Stanley FatMax Tape Measure

This tape rule with six feet reinforced with “BladeArmor Coating” for maximum durability. Stanley FatMax holds eleven foot standout, sixteen inches and nineteen point two inches stud center marking that simply framing jobs. The Mylar polyester film lengthens the entire blades life while the heat treated spring provides smooth and long life blade recoil. The “BladeArmor” coating is an original industrial thermoplastic coating. This material is used to protect and strengthen aircraft parts like rotor blades on Sikorsky Black-Hawk Helicopter. This product feature core tools which is essential for expert and pro enthusiast which are looking for durable and high quality tape measure that can handle though jobs for a longer period of time. Through this, you can able to perform job accurately. This comes at reasonable price which range from $19.90 to $35. Stanley 33-725 25-Feet FatMax Tape Measure 

If you’re looking for a dependable tape measure that can handle various types of measuring jobs, this three are the top choice. These are very affordable, durable and made of top quality materials to provide satisfying service to users.


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